Learning Advice: How to Help Kids with Homework

It’s true; parents who play an active and integral role in their child’s academic and school lives tend to make for a more successful student and happier student. A parent who shows interest let’s their child know how important completing homework assignments is.

Parents who lead by example in their own lives by following a schedule or routine that isn’t strayed from is also a great way to build how a child sees what takes priority, but that does not have to mean slaving over the kitchen table for hours grinding out a set of difficult assignments. Being supportive and stressing the importance of preparation and organization are just as helpful as lending a hand on a specific assignment or problem.

Where your child goes to school is just as important as who his or her teacher is.

Know your child’s school environment

Get to know your child’s teacher (s) and make sure to attend school functions and activities, including parent-teacher conferences.

A child’s environment at home is just as important their environment at school.

Make a productive space at home

Make sure there is a home setting for your child to complete their assignments, and all necessary items to do homework is available.

Routine is helpful for most people, especially children.

Create structure

Set up a designated and dedicated time for your child to work on their assignments. Instilling structure at a young age is very important for later in life.

Sometimes the number of assignments or work to be done on a certain nite can be overwhelming for a child. Don’t let it come to that.

Make a plan

Create a plan with built-in breaks to compartmentalize the work so it does not seem as daunting for your child.

It is also important for students to be able to focus.

Make a distraction-free zone

Turn TV’s down or off altogether. If a child enjoys music, make sure it is not absurdly loud and also remove any other distractions like cell phones or video games.

  • Children need to learn to live and accept the consequences they have created.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into doing your child’s homework for them.
  • Children need to learn how to think for themselves; school is their job.

If you are active at your child’s school, be just as active at home with their studies.

Encourage at home

Check to make sure your child is completing homework assignments, as well as about any quizzes, exams, or tests you are aware of.

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