Homework Should Be Banned In High School: Pros And Cons

Homework is a very controversial and complexed topic. Different researchers have different opinions and the competition is very tough. You will have hundreds of people supporting their side with genuine reasons. Before coming to a conclusion, you would have to search well and to contrast the advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of home assignments.

Advantages and disadvantages of home assignments


  1. It is a good way of recalling the class concepts
  2. Students get to learn the class concept in a very peaceful environment at home
  3. They get their parents involved in their school activities
  4. Parents also get to know what is going on in their kid’s class
  5. Students become regular in attending the class lectures
  6. They become regular and punctual
  7. Kids get to learn new way of research
  8. It makes them more responsible


  1. It is just a waste of time.
  2. It is an additional stress after 8 hours of class work
  3. Working parents do not get time to see their kid’s school work
  4. It does not let kids enjoy the family time.
  5. it does not give a chance to learn new things
  6. kids adapt immoral values like cheating and copying
  7. kids waste their time and money in purchasing low quality content
  8. a poor paper can result in giving low grades

Above was a fair comparison of pros and cons of giving home tasks. It helps in recalling class work but on the other hand, students of senior grades and high school have developed a habit of memorizing their class work and they really do not bother to repeat it. Majority of the students hate it and consider it an extra-load.


Homework can be beneficial and harmful both, but it all depends upon the quality, frequency and the school policy. But coming to high school, it has more negative aspects, then positive. Students already have a work load and paper-pressure. At this stage, teachers should discourage giving home assignments. Neither the students are irresponsible of forgetting their class work nor are they interested in repeating the class work. They have their priorities and rarely like to complete their home tasks. They do it mostly to make their teachers happy. Teachers should not out pressure on students as this way the students may run away from studies or would become disobedient.

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