Homework Help: How to Use a Free Online Chat without Doing Yourself an Ill Service

Online chat homework sites provide exceptional opportunities to students who need one-on-one help. When you have a question about an assignment, you can turn to online chat sites instead of hoping that your instructor will reply to the email you sent requesting help. If you do decide to use a homework help chat service, you should remember that what you post can be seen by anyone who visits the site. Here are some tips to help you avoid doing yourself an ill service:

  • Never use your real name. If you have ever searched for your name on the Internet, you know that everything and anything shows up quickly. When you use your real name on a chat service, the posts you make will appear if you or someone else searches for you. If your chat questions are about homework and they show that you are getting answers in unscrupulous ways, then your academic reputation could be damaged.
  • Never use the name of your instructor. Your anonymity is important when you use a chat service. When you create your username, do not include your instructor’s name and never mention the instructor or the official name of the class in any of your posts. If you do use your instructor’s name, your post could be found and you could be discovered.
  • Never use any words that identify your school. This means that you should not use the name, the location, the mascot, or any of the buildings in any of the posts. If someone asks you about your school, you do not have to respond or you could pick a completely different school. This might not seem like a big deal, but it could come back to you, especially if you use a school computer to access the site.
  • Create an anonymous email address. Chat services require users to create an account and they usually have to include their email addresses. Never use your school email address. You should only use an email address that you can create for free on one of the search engines. You can even use a made up name, birthday, and location when you create the email address.
  • Do not form relationships with the chat room users. Only go to the chat room when you need help. It is not in your best interest to chat about anything other than the homework questions you have. If you do converse with users, you will begin to feel comfortable using the room and you might share too much personal information.

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