Of the most mainstream religions in the world, Catholicism is one of the biggest. It has billions of followers all over the world in many different languages and is established in Rome. The purpose that it serves is to act as a system of traditions within the Christian churches where there is a reference to a head of the church. The system itself is broken down into other heads which referenced as a trinity. It has authorities of priests, bishops, cardinals and a pope as the main head.

The Origins Of Catholicism

It is said that the first reference to the Catholic church was penned by Ignatius of Antioch, who was part of the early Christian movement after the death of Christ. It was already at this point that a system had been put in place where Ignatius would write letters to various churches addressing certain issues around 110 AD.

The meaning of Catholic meaning that it was orthodox. This was a way to separate themselves from other churches in their meaning. It was supported by the early Christian movement and later reformed by Roman emperors like Theodosius I and others while it established itself.


Catholicism also acknowledges itself in other denominations such as Anglican, Protestant, Eastern, Western and Latin to name a few as a result of hundreds of years of adjustment. Catholicism was enforced like any religions in history to distance or involve itself with other churches.

Mainly the long established tradition of Catholicism is the idea that the system be recognized at all times within the context of the trinity which includes, canonization, sacraments, confession and communion. Which are all practiced by priests, deacons, cardinals and other leaders.


The head of of Catholicism is located in the Vatican city in Rome. This is where many Catholics go to during ceremonies but mostly this is where precious historical documents are kept. These are all in the form of books, scrolls and other text from the earliest form which may even pre-date the Catholic church.

Here it’s long been acknowledged that very little access is given but much of the ideas of Catholicism is changing with the new pope Francis. Making Catholicism more accessible and united with other religions than separate.

Catholicism Today

It should be noted that Catholicism, until recently, has remained very much the same for hundreds of years with its traditions. The differences between even more Orthodox Catholics and the rest is still an issue that takes time to change. But changing they are where faith can still play a central role but also be recognized as a system for all ideas.

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