Stress and homework: are this things connected?

Stress brought about by homework is a serious issue for children and for teens. Many kids today have too much homework and not enough time t play. This causes great anxiety and stress that only manifests later.

A lot of stress is felt by children who are being pushed to achieve more or do better. Kids are becoming stressed as young as junior high. Even elementary school students are terrified of failing their tests or disappointing their parents. They know how important tests are which is why they cry often and get sick. Some students even throw up when it comes time to test. And now experts are worried that this amount of stress is having a negative toll on children.

Thankfully there are things that you can do to help ease this burden.

  • Look for signs of stress related to school work. Expressions of hopelessness might seem like a casual comment made in passing but these off hand remarks should be taken seriously. For younger students the signs can be constant headaches or stomach aches as well as a reluctance to go to school.
  • Teach children how to manage their time. Children now more than ever need to understand how to manage their time and their work load. Organizational and study skills are great tools to have against stress. Teaching children how to manage their time regularly will help to alleviate the need to cram at the last minute.

When it comes time to relieve the stress related to homework it is good to do the following:

  • Teach children how to use a planner or calendar so that they can keep track of their assignments. Each time they finish an assignment they can check it off. This will bring them a great sense of accomplishment.
  • If your children are struggling to keep track of their homework you can help them by following along with all of the assignments that they are given and giving them friendly reminders when it is necessary.
  • Provide your child with a quiet place where they can study. This place should be removed from distractions including television and video games and cell phones.
  • Try and have children study earlier in the day rather than later at night. The later it is for children the less they will be able to focus.
  • Ask the school for any additional resources if the child continues to struggle. There may be clubs or tutoring programs available.

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