Dealing With Homework In College: Great Tip For Dummies

Homework is one word that most college dread to hear the very sound of it. they shun it because it takes away the time for leisure and replaces it with book work that is mostly not welcome during their free time.

However, college homework happens not to be as culminating and mind boggling as those of students in the elementary and lower levels. This is because, in college, a student has already specialised in a specific discipline and is pursuing a course of his/her choice. Moreover the units and/or subjects tackled are related to the very career path that the student has chosen.

Therefore despite the complexity of the assignments and home works as they may seem to be, they are indispensible if a student should graduate and successfully complete the course. In light of this reality, college students should breathe a sigh of relief whenever tasked with the responsibility of having to do homework.

Group discussions

This is one tip for tackling homework for all college students not only the slow learners infamously called dummies. It provides healthy platforms for students to brainstorm and give their opinions. Slow learners should take advantage of such groups and if the group is well balanced with top performers, average and dismal performers then the essence of the group will be realised within a short period of time.

A slow learner will be able to grasp a lot from the top students and also give his own views thus learning his strengths and being helped in areas of weaknesses. Tackling homework in a group setting is not only fun but also educative.


College education does not have the mad race competition that younger students in elementary and lower schools have therefore consulting a student in college will not in any way compromise a slow learner. A slow learner should be able to consult top students in the areas where he/she is facing difficulties.

Law of recency

One law that promotes learning is the law of recency. In the event of homework, a slow learner should start tackling the assignment with those topics that he remembers having been tackled recently. This is how memory works at times since we easily remember what we learnt last. After tackling what you know and remember, it gives you space and room for thinking out what you are not sure about.

Positive attitude

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t move ahead with it till you change it. College education promotes independence of thinking and not cramming thus a slow learner should be confident enough with what he knows during homework tackling and find out what he doesn’t.

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