Searching for Some Help with Your German Homework: Useful Advice

Language learning can be an enriching experience. While many wax poetic about French or think of how exciting Spanish is, German remains something of an underdog when it comes to European languages. Regardless, it has a common history with English and we continue to borrow words from them including ‘leitmotif’ and ‘schadenfreude’. If you have decided to study this rich language, fear not if the homework gets you down from time to time. Here are some tips you can use when you need help.

Make Flashcards

This can be as low or high tech as you want. This tool is elegant in its simplicity and just as useful in teaching 3 year olds the color yellow as it is in teaching adults how to translate common words into foreign languages. Be consistent with your use of flashcards and when you attempt your homework you will find yourself not needing to refer to the dictionary as frequently.

Sign up to a language exchange

Language exchanges are an amazing resource for all language learners. Better yet, if you are learning multiple languages you can converse with as many users as will have you and get language practice out loud and in text.

Visit Germany

This may be more of a long term and round about method of getting help with your german homework but you won’t regret it. Hearing a language in the place where it evolved used by native speakers is miles apart from studying it from a book. Anything you have to do with the language will be enhanced by the experience, including homework. You can plan your trip to coincide with major events so that your immersion includes large aspects of culture as well.

Start listening to German music

For a mini immersion, listening to german music is one part of the process that is simple to implement. It also gives you access to a whole world of new music you might not otherwise have heard of.

Start watching German television shows

Television shows give a more complete mini immersion than music in that they pair spoken language with facial expressions which carry hidden meanings much more effectively than definitions. They are also more interesting than text examples and you may find a new favorite television show in this way.

Few people if any have every complained of regretting learning a new language. Dive into these methods and not only will your German homework be simpler. Your comprehension will be higher in no time.

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