Homework Activities For Kids: Expert Tips


Home assignments help children to keep in touch with the lessons taught in the classrooms. Teachers use these assignments to evaluate the performances of the students. Home assignments can be academic as well as non-academic assignments. Academic assignments are for evaluating the lessons taught in the classes, whereas non-academic assignments are to test the creativity of the children. Both academic as well as non-academic assignment activities are important for children.

Importance of homework activities

The knowledge from books alone will never make a student perfect. He should know his surrounding and outside world. Teachers and parents should take initiative and provide them the opportunity to grab the knowledge through fun homework activities and exercises.

Innovative homework activities for kids

Here are some activities that will incorporate your student’s home environment.

  • Internet is an important part of our lives these days. Children should be familiarized with the internet. It would be nice, if you motivate your child to start a classroom group in social networking sites. The students can post their homework in this group and have a discussion in this group.

  • Make your students regularly read online newspapers for stories that relate to the lessons they learned.

  • Assign children to gather different types of leaves, insects, rocks, etc and bring them to class. A discussion on these things about what they are will help the students get in touch with their surroundings.

  • Children can be assigned to make a flower press to add plants every week. These pressed plants can be added to the craft project.

  • Building curiosity among children about universe, galaxy, etc can be done by providing them a binocular and asking them to watch the sky through these binoculars every night.

  • Provide children with a magnifying glass and ask them to study the objects in their backyard or park. Ask them to write about their findings.

  • Provide children with interesting and safe science- experiments which can be done at the homes.

  • Teach the children about creating musical experiments with household equipments.

  • Ask children to watch informative TV shows and ask them to write down about the program.

  • Memory games are another fun game which can be useful to improve their memory power.

  • Evening or weekend camping in groups is another wonderful exercise which will help kids.

  • Cleaning the surroundings as a group is yet another exercise which will motivate children to keep their surroundings clean.

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