Homework Ideas: Advantages And Disadvantages Of College Assignments

A study came out by USA Today saying that you should consider studying about three hours per credit. This enables you to rest. However, how many hours are actually being spent by college students? Another national study, by the Student Engagement’s, has findings that say the average student studies 17 hour each week in preparation for class. The numerous hours spent studying, has lessened because high-schools are improving and teaching the students the abilities they need to adjust to college and cope. On the other hand, 18 hours is still a lot of time. This prevents social events from occurring, as well as, spending time with one’s friends and family. Therefore college work or assignments are very hard and completive. Schools such as Harvard, students are reported, to study from sunrise until 1:00 a.m. However, let us get to the main topic on why college students have advantages or disadvantage when it comes to college assignments.


  • One disadvantage is that Athletes have very little time to study. It was reported that an athlete at North Carolina plagiarized his assignment. He obviously, could not do it all. It was a five-year scandal. Athletes have a harder time with work because they have to apply themselves to two items, both their sport and their assignments.
  • Another fault is that some people do not have the proliferation to do work. This mainly refers to English. In this case, many people do outsource and get other people to help, by doing their work for them by a freelancer.
  • College students cannot learn by studying the written English languish by opening a book like in many classes. It is a process that occurs within the school in which they have to apply themselves. Sadly, it is snot until a person retains a college that they ordinarily get serious about education.
  • Assignments are not handed out as commonly nor are they graded withy the temperament that the star schools have. One man by the name of William Deresiewiez went to a higher level school and confessed that he finally realized that the American education system is broken. Not as much work is required of students in many bottom feeding schools. He says, more should be expected out of these kids so that they will be prepared to maintain their job.


  • However, there are advantages to doing homework. One advantageous reason is to be happy with your life. One accredited website says that 5 out of 10 living in the states ranked as having the happiest people, also have the greatest educational systems.
  • Another reason to do your job and complete work is hat you can get a high paying jobs. Let say there is a man named, “Bob.” Bob does not go to college and works mediocre jobs that pay minimum wage, or Bob could go to college where he obtains an exquisite job that pay pounds of gold. The average pay for graduates from college is between 45,000-55, 000 thousand dollars.

Lastly, there is one last reason to do your work. If you do your job in school and finish the assignments, then you can keep your grant and stay in college. College has many advantages. You get to meet people from all around the country and world. You make new friends and gain independence. None of this is possible if you do not sustain yourself by completing your lessons.

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