The Best Homework Assignments for Building Reading Comprehension and Fluency

Teachers can assign homework for several reasons. In many cases, students will have homework because they did not finish an assignment during their class time. Some teachers will assign reading homework, others will assign writing homework. This is usually because students need to complete something for class the next day or because they have an assignment that is not due for several days. Another type of homework that teachers assign is for remediation. When students need to build skills, teachers often assign individual lessons.

Practice Reading for the Skill Building

When students need help with reading comprehension and fluency, there are several different types of homework that teachers can assign. One of the best ways to build fluency and comprehension is for students to simply spend at least 20 minutes reading. Studies show that students need to be able to have time to read and the opportunity to choose their own books. When they are given both time and choice, students are more likely to read. Since reading is a skill, it requires practice. Students who read 20 minute every day will read over 1 million words over the course of a year. They will also be exposed to good writing, which will help them build writing skills.

Visit Standardized Test Prep Sites

Another good tool for reading comprehension is to work on online standardized test prep websites. These websites will provide short passages that students read and then they answer multiple choice questions. On standardized test practice websites, students will be informed of the reasons that answers are right or wrong, so they can learn from their mistakes and successes. Since most students take standardized tests throughout their school careers, it is a good idea to practice the skills frequently.

Textbook Companies Help Readers

Students can also practice reading comprehension and fluency with other high-quality reading websites. Many textbook companies have developed quality programs that can be completed online. They are similar to the standardized test prep websites because they also explain why answers are right or wrong. Many students build reading skills by being read to and some websites do provide read-alouds for students.

School District Have Useful Tools

Another good place to turn for building reading comprehension and fluency are other school district websites. Many school districts include reading comprehension and fluency activities that help students of all ages improve their reading. The best ones will include explanations for the answers, too.

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