How to Make Homework Fun for You: 5 Simple Tips that Always Work

Let’s face it...homework is not fun. Doing it in an effective and timely manner will not necessarily be fun, but it will relieve enough stress so you are able to have some fun. There are all sorts of ways, from seeing it happen in your mind to pure self-discipline, so here are a few options including and between these two pillars to help you evaluate who you are and what will be most beneficial for you as a student.

Start with the basics

  • It starts with your attitude. Attend all classes. This will set the tone to help you understand the importance of your behavior in class as well as outside of it.
  • It will also help you realize how the way you complete your homework is a strong indication of how you will perform during an exam. Don’t lose sight of that.

To make homework more fun, or at least tolerable, place yourself in an environment that will encourage you to complete it with a healthy attitude.


  • Find a spot where you feel comfortable and will let you be productive.
  • This will include places with little or no distractions.

Another key piece to making homework manageable is creating the time that coincides with the space you have already claimed as your own.

Manage your time

  • Set a schedule during which you strictly focus on your homework.
  • Create a list of your weekly assignments and set a separate schedule of what is due when as well as the importance of each homework set.

Yet another excellent option is to create a study or homework group for you and others who are taking the same course-here is why.

Create your own reality

  • Not only will you be providing yourself with some structure…
  • you will also benefit from the feedback of others, as well as…
  • their input on answers to questions, and…
  • IF you are nice enough or can bat your lashes, you just might persuade a member of your class to give in you your charm and let you copy their answers.
  • Flirting is fun, so if you are able to combine being a flirt with other students who may be potentially susceptible to your charm, not only will you be able to complete your will also hone another set of skills; persuasion and manipulation.

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