Homework Tips: How to Raise the Productivity of Your Work

You can’t add extra hours into a day to have more time to deal with your homework, but you can use more effectively the time you have. Here are several simple ways to do it:

  • Write all you homework in one place so that you can easily find it later.

    Use a calendar or an organizer for this purpose. Note all important details of each assignment, such as the deadline, the page or word count, and the textbook page numbers.

  • Find a proper working spot.

    If you do your homework in front of a working TV set or in a noisy dining room, you may get tired too fast or distracted too often. Look for a quit place where you will not be disturbed. Your desk and chair should be comfortable, and your workplace should be well-lit. If you have no such place at home, try doing your homework in a school or public library.

  • Make yourself comfortable.

    Arrange your supplies and utensils on your desk in the order you are comfortable with. Turn off your TV and cell phone so that they do not distract you. If you are at home, consider changing from your school clothes into something more comfortable. Keep a bottle of water close at hand to drink when you need it.

  • Create a right mood.

    Stop yourself from thinking: “Oh, this hateful homework again.” Better tell yourself: “Now I am going to practice the skills I will need to pass my exams, and earn a decent amount of points for this subject.” You can’t change the amount of homework you get, but you can change your attitude. If you get motivated, it will be easier for you to stay focused. Realize why you need homework and in what way it benefits you, and your productivity will soar.

  • Make homework part of your routine.

    Study at the same time every day. When you make it your habit, your brain will learn to be most productive at this time of the day.

  • Take notes as you read.

    When reading your assignment, write out the most important points. Underline or highlight the key information. Use your notes to plan your work.

  • Use any time available.

    Do part of your homework between lessons, on long bus rides, or during waits. You may not be comfortable enough to write an essay, but at least you can read your textbook and take notes. You may be surprised at how little will be left to do by the time you get home.

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