Is it True that Children are Suffering from Excessive Homework

Too much homework can be bad for children, but it is a difficult subject because there are also many benefits. First, we will outline the benefits to give you a good idea of what a student can get out of it. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks, but we will get back to those.

Homework is a great means of getting practice. It takes the skills and information you have learned in school and in your school resources, and has you exercise you knowledge of this information. Without any practice, or homework, we could easily make silly mistakes, experience misunderstanding, and overlook important areas. With that being said, below we have outlined how too much of a good thing can be bad.

Too much homework can leave our children suffering. A child who was once enthusiastic about attending school may feel bogged down by all of the duties and tasks required daily. Look below to better understand how children can suffer from excessive homework.

  • Loss of Enthusiasm
  • When faced with a heavy workload a student will likely feel less excited about the tasks at hand. What used to be fun, now feels like work. That is why it is so important to not overload students with assignments. You want to make sure they have mastered the information taught, but you do not want to overdo it, generating busy work.

  • Health Problems
  • The stressors of heavy workloads can result in health problems. It is proven that students with more assigned tasks are more likely to experience stress, imbalance, alienation, and other mental/physical health issues. A way to combat these stressors is with less work.

  • Drawbacks on Family Life
  • Finally, too much work not only punishes the student, but also the family. Homework is the responsibility of the student to complete, but also the family is also accountable for completion. A student swallowed in schoolwork does not usually have the time to enjoy family life.

With the benefits and drawbacks established, you now can understand why homework is important, but it is also important to set a healthy workload. The right amount of work will help keep your class grade up, will guarantee mastery of information, and will keep you on track. Too much of a good thing is bad—so we must push for implementation of the appropriate amount of work for students.

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