Algebra Homework Practice: How to Make Yourself Study

There are a few words that make students cringe: test, homework, quiz, and study. These words are commonplace to students, but they still dislike them to the extreme. While test, homework, and quiz tell students that they will have some kind of work to accomplish, study does not give students the same thoughts. Studying is often a vague idea to students because they do not know how to do it. When it comes to studying for an algebra class, students should simply practice algebra problems. Unfortunately, this is not the idea of fun for students, so they try to find other things to do. Instead of avoiding algebra practice, you should embrace studying and get the job done.

  • Turn off your phone: Cellphones are the number one distraction for students. Games, text messages, and social media distracts students to the point that they cannot do anything else. Waiting for messages from their friends and sending messages to other friends is much more fun that doing homework. If turning of the phone is not enough, try putting in a different room. The idea of out-of-sight-out-of-mind might work for you.
  • Set a timer: One effective strategy that helps with studying time is to set a timer. You can choose your intervals, somewhere between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Study for the set amount of time, then reward yourself with a fun activity for five minutes. Once the five minutes passes, then you go back to studying. You start the timer when you actually begin to study, so that you do not cheat yourself out of any studying time.
  • Bring food into the study space: Many students do well with food and drink in their study space. Try to keep the food healthy and quiet, especially if you are in a space with other students who are studying. Water is a perfect beverage for studying, because it keeps you hydrated and does not include caffeine.
  • Get away from the television: Like the cellphone, the television is uber distracting. If you must have some sound on when you are studying, turn on instrumental music. The sound of talking on the television and the sound of lyrics in music will make you listen and even want to sing along. With the latest technology in recording television shows, you no longer have to commit to the exact time that the show is on if you want to watch it. Studying can come first.

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