Where To Get Homework Help With Chemistry Online For Free

While some students consider chemistry the most interesting part of their studying, the others find formulas, equations, and reactions complicated and incomprehensible. Naturally, they need some assistance to complete their homework and understand the basic concepts. Fortunately, a large number of websites provide chemistry assignment assistance free of charge.

What Free Chemistry Homework Help Websites to Check

So, if you are frustrated about your chemistry assignment given by your professor, check the following websites that offer a wide range of useful resources to cope with your homework:

  • An online chemistry study lab.
  • There are many websites designed in the form of a chemistry lab. There, you will find laboratory worksheets, an online periodic table, useful guidelines, textbooks, and other resources.

  • A site where tutors help students.
  • Some websites provide answers to students’ questions. So, you can ask anything related to your assignments and get an almost instantaneous response. This is a good place to ask for help if you get stuck on a problem.

  • A study forum.
  • It’s a good idea to find a student forum with many participants moderated by an educational institution. If your problem cannot be solved in a single night, e.g. you are working on a research project, post your question and wait for the answer.

  • Websites with educational videos.
  • If you are a visual learner, you may benefit from watching videos on chemistry. Some online video tutorials will help you understand the basics while the others will guide you deeper on the topic.

  • Online encyclopedias.
  • You can find a resource that provides a wide collection of brief articles that cover the key chemistry topics. Online encyclopedias are helpful if you need to familiarize yourself with new terms and concepts.

How to Improve Your Chemistry Skills

Having good resources will help you complete your homework, but you may need some more assistance to develop strong chemistry skills. These tips will guide you through your studies:

  • Always figure out what you do not understand and ask questions during classes or your professor’s office hours.
  • Get a study guide and follow the tips and suggestions provided so that you will avoid procrastination.
  • Organize a study group because teaching others is the best way to truly understand the material.
  • Practice as much as you can, do not skip tasks for additional credits.
  • Figure out how the chemistry concepts are related to everyday life.
  • Prepare help materials by yourself, e.g. make flashcards, take notes, or create flowcharts.

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