How To Cope With Chemical Engineering Homework Problems

Having to stay on top of homework, especially in a really heavy field of studies such as chemical engineering, can certainly take a lot of planning and organizing of your time and schedule. You’re going to get lots of homework. Just face it, right off the bat. If you realize at the start you’re going to carry a big load, it won’t be such a shock when it happens. It’s common for any type of engineering class to assign a lot of reading, studying or problems to solve on a regular basis.

How to cope with it though? You don’t want to turn into a school work machine that does nothing else all day! You’ll burnout pretty quickly. Keep reading for some tips for how you can make it through this course, and hopefully get a good grade too!

  1. Keep an agenda. This is going to be incredibly helpful! Not only does it show you at a glance what is due and when, it gives you a place to check things off as they get finished. The sense of accomplishment will give you more confidence that you can do this and succeed! It’s also a good idea to have a wall calendar you can glance at as you walk by. It’s a quick reminder that you don’t have to open up your tablet or device to see.
  2. Be very cautious with your time. If you need the internet for your work, don’t allow yourself to check email or browse your social media accounts to see what your friends are doing. Have you ever noticed that your 5 minutes on social media frequently turns into 1 hour or more and you don’t really get anything out of it? If you can cut out some of the time wasting activities you may be surprised when you discover you can actually get your work done a lot faster than you originally thought.
  3. Begin with the most difficult problems or assignment. Of course, you also have to keep track of due dates. If the easy assignment is due tomorrow, you’d better tackle it first. Otherwise, start with the hardest and work toward the easiest.
  4. Set a timer, it keeps you focused and motivated. For example if you have four problems to solve and you estimate it should take 40 minutes, set the timer for 20 minutes and get the first two problems done. When they are finished repeat the process.

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