Is It Possible To Find A Good Assignment Writer In An Hour?

This is quite a challenge! The best suggestion is to read this through first at least twice because then you are going to put an hour aside and find a good assignment writer.

  1. Be very clear of your needs. Have to hand a copy of the remit for your assignment and jot down a few notes.
    • Your field of study
    • the title of your assignment and level you are working at
    • the length
    • any aspects/views that you need included
    • referencing format
    • deadline
  2. Set aside an hour.
    • Make sure that you will not be interrupted.
    • Turn off your cell phone and do not be tempted to answer emails or look at other websites.
    • Make sure that you have no other distractions such as the television or pet that needs to go for a walk or be fed etc.
    • Ready to start? Set a timer.
    • Have a scratch pad to hand especially if you are not able to use a back browser.
  3. Using a search engine that you are familiar with that will access academic services (not all of them do this).
    • Type in ‘academic writing services for (put in your field of study). Doing this will save you a lot of time as there are a lot of writing services but you want to find ones that specialize in your area or study not a generalized one.
    • Remember that a specialized writing service will have writers that have qualifications and experience of your area of study not just writers that write about the subject.
    • Pick out 2 or 3 and make a note of their websites.
  4. Checking out a web site. Things to look for.
    • Positive recommendations by other customers. If no recommendations try the next website on your list.
    • Samples of work that you can access (you may have to sign up for this – it will just need your email address and for you to devise a password). Make a note of the password you use. If no samples or they are asking for your bank or card details at this point move to the next website on your list.
    • Do they have a procedure if the work they produce for you does not meet with your requirements? Do they guarantee the work? If there is no procedure then move to the next website on your list.
    • Have they set out their scale for the cost of producing an assignment for you? If no scale of fees move to the next website.
    • Working through information in this way should help you to quickly find a suitable website that that will give you a really good assignment writer. But remember that the really good writers are usually busy so make sure you start looking as soon as you can.

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