The Renaissance

The Renaissance period is known to provide inspiration and development behind art and culture concepts many enjoy today. This period was developed and lived by the Europeans. It marked a time in history when areas throughout Europe changed the way they lived and how they viewed the world. Today, millions of people have come to appreciate a number of artistic and cultural elements even with scientific and intellectual accomplishments. This period marked a major explosion of a culture that is unique and significant in its own right. A number of historians have their own viewpoints regarding how this period got started.

The Renaissance is credited with providing a number of advances that helped shape how people live their lives. Today this number continues to grow as researchers and historians learn more about their developments. The arts and classical elements were earlier developments with life on earth and death being other areas of interest. Many Europeans during this time valued education and science. They would train in these areas with a number of notable individuals such as Galileo and William Shakespeare just to name a few. Many people such as writers, poets, scientists and artists came from this era.

Many philosophers were also developed during this period. A number of artistic expressions such as music and poetry would be made accessible to all people. Theatre and different forms of art including paintings and sculptures would carry unique meaning in helping others understand their purpose. These creations would even help researchers learn more about what people thought about during this time period as far as analyzing dreams, heaven and other wonders of the world. Elements of religion, wealth and the government would be developed as well through European society

The Renaissance is credited with helping other governments develop themselves. They would encourage people to sail the waters and visit other lands to learn how things work and what other people do. They would learn new ways of doing things and how to make this work for their society. The Renaissance seemed like a great period with historians looking into how it ended. Reformation occurred which broke up some of the solutions that were place. This meant other areas of the world would have issues becoming independent for their people. There was authority in place at the time that claimed to be of higher power over religious and faith beliefs.

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