10 Interesting Art Homework Ideas for High School Students

When most people think of art classes, they think of paintings, sculptures and charcoal drawings. Few students realize that they could end up writing essays or studying the artists who created famous art pieces. Art homework includes a wide range of different projects and ideas. Students may be asked to write an essay about their favorite artist, explain the meaning of a particular piece or create a sculpture. To get an idea of what to expect in an art class, students should read through the following list of art homework ideas for high school students.

  1. Photography
  2. Not every student is naturally good at painting. Photography assignments are a great way to ease new artists into the world of art. These assignments could be to photograph their family or a specific event.

  3. Weave a Basket
  4. In many Native American cultures, basket weaving is a difficult, ancient art form. Creating a basket takes time, but the finished piece is amazing to look at.

  5. Interpretations
  6. Students can write about their interpretation of a specific piece of art or artistic style.

  7. Sculpting a Mug
  8. Many high schools have kilns that are located on-site. For an easy sculpture assignment, students can create a mug, bowl or vase and paint it.

  9. Self-Portraits
  10. Some of the world's best artists are famous for their self portraits. Modern students are familiar with selfies, so creating a drawing of a selfie or a painting of it is a great art homework idea. For drawings, the assignment works even better. Most students have access to a pencil and paper at home, so they can easily finish this art project on their own time.

  11. Biographical Profiles
  12. To learn more about the world of art, teachers can have their students write a biography about their famous artist. For an interesting and unusual artist, students can write about individuals like Frieda Kahlo or Vincent Van Gogh.

  13. Found Art
  14. Art is everywhere in the world, but people often do not see the beauty in natural things. For a unique art assignment, students can try creating found art. This can be done with any trash, leaves or natural items that they find in the world around them.

  15. Digital Imaging
  16. Many students already know how to use tools like Photoshop. At home or after class, they can create unique images with Photoshop. For an alternative idea, teachers could have students remove some of the photoshopped elements of famous advertisements and celebrities.

  17. Still Life
  18. A common assignment is the still life. At home, the student can arrange several items on their kitchen table and draw it.

  19. What Is Art?
  20. For an introductory art class, students can start with the topic of defining art and write an essay about it.

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