10 Spelling Homework Ideas You Should Consider

If you are struggling with your work, there are some fun activities you can do to ensure that the work is significantly more entertaining. Below are 10 spelling homework ideas you should consider:

  1. The first of 10 spelling homework ideas you should consider writing the word 21 times over if you have the time. Studies show this will help to solidify it to memory.

  2. The second idea is to tape record yourself spelling out each word and then play it back.

  3. The third of 10 spelling homework ideas you should consider is to break each word up into each syllable and make them into songs. This can help you to memorize words well.

  4. The fourth idea is to create free crossword puzzles online to help you practice understanding the meaning and spelling of the words you have. You want to try and make multiple crosswords so that you can practice regularly.

  5. The fifth of 10 spelling homework ideas you should consider is to create mnemonics to help you memorize the more difficult words as well as their meaning. Understanding the meaning of the words is much better for you compared to just memorizing spelling because understanding the use of the words is just as important.

  6. The sixth idea is to cut out letters from magazines and newspapers and then glue each of the words on a blank sheet of paper and try to spell them all correctly.

  7. The seventh idea is to give yourself pre-tests. Practice pretests at home by covering each word on your list and spelling it out loud. If you need get any word incorrectly, you can write it out three to seven times.

  8. The eighth idea is to create a free word search online, one which takes all of your words and jumbles them into a puzzle so that you can then search for the words.

  9. The ninth idea is to try and write each word, then write it in a sentence, and then write the word again. This will help you to write the words regularly, and to memorize them for their meaning.

  10. The tenth idea is to write each word in three different ways, such as three different sizes and shapes. This is a fun activity that can show you how the words are written in print and in cursive, something that will help to improve your knowledge and memory of them.

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