What Is the Purpose of Homework: A Professional View

Bemoaning the pain of doing homework has been a common refrain among students for centuries. Most people just do not like to do schoolwork. Although schoolwork is a hated, unpleasant task for most students, there is a value in completing assignments. From learning a new concept to preparing for future classes, school assignments have a very real purpose.

Learning the Concept

One of the main reasons to do assignments at home is to learn. In a typical class, the teacher only has so much time to teach the student new information. Once this information has been learned, the student must actually use it or they will quickly forget it. By doing schoolwork at home, the student is able to cement the knowledge into their mind. It may not be pleasant, but it serves a real purpose.

At-Home Work Saves Time

It may seem counter intuitive, but doing schoolwork at home actually saves students a lot of time. Every student catches on to new ideas at a different pace. While one student may be able to memorize a vocabulary word in seconds, another student may take hours to repeat the vocabulary list. If students did all of their assignments and studying at school, they would waste countless hours waiting for other students to finish. By doing it at home, students are able to work at their own pace.

Preparing for the Future

In elementary school and middle school, assignments are rarely handed out to do at home. By high school, the amount of schoolwork that a student receives increases drastically. This is because teachers are trying to prepare students for the future assignments that they will get in college. During college, students care given about two hours of studying and assignments for every hour of class time. To complete this work, students must be excellent at time management skills. High school teachers hand out assignments as a way to prepare students for college.

Learning for an Exam

Most classes will have a mid-term and final exam to test the student's knowledge of the subject. Throughout the quarter, the professor will teach students information that is necessary for their final exam. Many homework assignments are actually designed to prepare students for their exams. If students are able to ace their schoolwork, they will have a much easier time studying and taking their exams. In essence, homework is a long-term, slowly paced way to prepare students for the exam they will take at the end of the class.

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