Where to Get Math Homework Help for Free: a Few Fresh Ideas

When you are struggling with your math homework you should look for some fresh ideas on where to get homework help for free.

  1. Of course one of the first places you can turn for homework help is your teacher. See if your teacher can provide you with extra help during office hours or if they can arrange a meeting during your lunch break. You may only be struggling because of an absence or because you tuned out during one key aspect of the last lecture and missed what they were saying.
  2. You can also turn to your classmates. See about starting a study group. Most of the time all students need a bit of assistance or at the very least can benefit from some form of peer support. But most children are hesitant to be the first person to come out and start the group. If you take it upon yourself to start the study group you can be selective about who gets in and you can also take control over when and where you meet which might behoove you if you have a particularly busy schedule.
  3. You can turn to a specialized tutor. Even if you are not failing or doing poorly you can benefit from a tutor. If you do get a tutor for your math class it is best to start early. The sooner you hire a tutor the better chances you will have of finding a good match within a reasonable time frame and ensuring you get the right help you need.
  4. You can ask older siblings or older friends who have taken the course for their help. They may have had the same teacher as you do currently and they might have some tips to offer. Perhaps your teacher gets a lot of their test questions from the examples in the book because they don’t think most students read the book. If you get this tip from an older sibling or older friend then you will be one step ahead of the class.
  5. You can always get a math study book. There are hundreds of math textbooks out there that are meant as a guide or resource for teachers and students. If you have a math guidebook you can look up a reference or a formula instantly and get the help you need.

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