How to Find Help with Chemistry Homework Assignments

If you are struggling with chemistry homework assignments there are a few ways you can find some help.

You can turn to a classmate. You can start a study group with other students in your class and that way you have someone to turn to for questions or extra help. You can also turn to your teacher. Your teacher can be a great source for help. If you missed a class or did not understand a lecture you can ask them to explain it again or provide extra help. You can look online for lectures or notes that explain the concepts better. You can also try to improve your homework habits at home. Try the following tips:

  • There is no time like the present. Literally. Stop putting off your project or homework. Just dive right in. The sooner you sit down and actually start the faster you will become engaged and get to work. The hardest part about any decision or action is starting. You can have all of the best intentions but get distracted time and time again prolonging the start of your homework by minutes or even hours at a time. So whether you need to sit down and start typing or just open your book and start reading do it. If you started your homework the moment you first thought about it you would be done before you know it. Consider that in the amount of time the average student spends procrastinating and thinking about doing their homework they could have finished if they had just set down and started
  • Be careful about note taking and research. Whether you are writing a paper or you are taking science notes in preparation for your next exam make sure you are careful about your note taking. Always write down bibliographic information if you take down a quote. If you write a fact down from your book note the page so you can find it again later. Avoid leaving your research until the end. Some students like to put of their research and instead want to dive right into the writing. They try and create a draft and then pick and choose research that matches their side or their argument. They try and force the evidence to comply with their side. This is the exact opposite way this should be done.

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