Why There Should Be No Homework: Pros and Cons of Doing Homework Assignments

The debate has continued for years: is homework good or is it bad? Many people in the field of education today are searching for evidence in support of homework. For many students homework seems to be nothing but stress and there seems to be no benefit to it. In fact, no study has found a correlation between higher academic achievement in elementary school and homework. And in fact there's very little evidence to support homework being a necessary component of high school. The discussion now exists as to whether or not high school should reduce their homework or alleviate it altogether. Late-night assignments can play strain on individuals and families.

  • There are some schools that exist today which of already shifted their policy they have no homework. And their students breathe a sigh of relief each time they come to school. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that learning is fun for students and that it's not just another aspect of work that ruins their day and diminishes their creativity. Many people argue that homework teaches children to be self-disciplined and teaches them how to manage their time, both of which are nonacademic life skills. But consider that if children have no choice as to whether or not they can do their homework, they are not exercising judgment they are instead losing their individuality and economy.
  • Many students enjoy their schoolwork and are excited to bring home their new drawings, their science work, or practice their music.
  • One of the reasons that homework exists, is because of standardized tests. The standardized testing places so much strain on educational programs that teachers and educators gives students mindless worksheets earlier and earlier in life in an attempt to score higher and higher on these exams. In this instance learning is not what's important. The concern here, is winning.

So what is the solution? It is suggested that children should have no more than 20 minutes of homework per day from grade kindergarten through second. For student’s grade 3rd through sixth, the limit should be no more than 60 minutes per day. Repetitive practice problems are not good homework. Homework assignments should be things that make children excited about learning and about their topic. They should also be things that help children to think more deeply about those things that matter.

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